About Us

This ministry through its various facets strives and single mindedly targets at bringing and helping man enjoy divine blessings and prosperity both spiritual and physical, heavenly and earthly, that was revealed and manifested to him, through the cross of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

The founder of this ministry, Apostle Sadhu Sobitharaj, who came to know God at a very tender age, initially started serving the Lord as a church in charge. Later after divine intervention he received direct instructions and guidance to quit pastor ministry and further fulfill his calling as an apostle. After which, he dedicated himself completely to live for Jesus only. Through years of constant fasting and fellowship with the Lord, he attained the status of a Sadhu.

Through this global ministry, which functions as the body of Christ, the apostle is being used by God as a medium for the manifestation of the blessing of God's kingdom, power and glory to every mankind.

The sole focus of this ministry is to fulfill the ultimate purpose and plan of our heavenly father for every human being attained through the sufferings, crucifixion and resurrection of His precious son, our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, that man should lead a wholesome, blessed, victorious, joyous, healthy, prosperous, holy life. And should live in complete truth and inseparable union with God in Christ; as His dear children.